What We Do

The Resource Portal (Portal) has been designed with you in mind. This web tool is a collaborative effort between educators, web developers, community-based professionals and advisors—all of us working together to develop trainings and resources in three targeted areas: practice transformation, behavioral health integration, and new payment models. This emphasis will help you meet the goals of the quadruple aim of better health, better care, lower cost, and higher professional satisfaction for providers.

Community-based working group

Our working group is comprised of a cross section of primary and behavioral health care professionals: medical providers practicing in rural clinical settings, behavioral health specialists, nurses, social workers, practice administrators and managers, and financial and support staff.

In virtual meetings and local workshops, we have come together to answer three questions:

  1. What do providers and practices in Washington really need help with?
  2. How can the Portal help?
  3. What resources and tools are useful to the target practices?

In answering these questions, we determined three things as the most important features for the Portal:

  • Usability: site design should be user-friendly, intuitive, interactive, and engaging
  • Establishing selection criteria: each resource should be evaluated for its utility, relevance, and function (ease of application)
  • Resource rating: using the selection criteria, our multi-disciplinary group reviews resources and rates them based on the above criteria; resources rating high on these criteria are added to the Portal

Portal Timeline

The Portal development timeline began in August of 2016 and will continue through January 2017. This first version is more limited in scope. We will continue to add new resources and tools as well as interactive features.