Behavioral Health Integration

Hi I'm Larry Mauksch and I'm a behavioral health provider who spent 34 years working in primary care. I've devoted my career to helping study, write about, and participate in primary care transformation, and in the integration of behavioral health in a way that makes healthcare most effective.

In this portal, you'll find valuable resources to help with Behavioral Health Integration. In Behavioral Health Integration we've really thought about how to do this well, by describing a three-world view, the clinical, the operational, and the financial. These three worlds need to be aligned.

Let's start with the clinical world. A well developed Behavioral Health Integration really takes care of a population. It develops a population-based approach to the detection and treatment of the patients and the families that it cares for. It uses evidence based approaches to evaluate patients needs, to activate patients, and to support the emotional and behavioral health needs of those patients. It has behavioral health professionals working intricately with primary care colleagues to create plans, administer the treatment, and respect patient goals and values to provide whole-person and family-focused care. It uses all members of the team to help improve team function and quality of care. Behavioral Health Integration is a great example of a team effort.

The operational world includes designing a physical space that promotes in-person collaboration. Uses well designed electronic medical records to promote collaboration, planning and in follow up. An operational system that is effective includes consultation mechanisms that promote seamless, well-coordinated care for patients.

Finally, the financial world. The financial world means that Behavioral Health Integration is well integrated in primary care clinics and that the behavioral health employees are paid in ways that incent collaboration. Reimbursement models for behavioral health care are part of advanced payment approaches to maximize access to care, that is on par with other healthcare benefits.

We hope that you can find valuable resources for all of these points in the three worlds within the portal.