Directory of Portal resources for community health workers and community-based workers

The WA Portal offers a deep and varied array of resources intended to support a range of health workers. This page is intended to assist community-based workers and community health workers access materials across this site. 


Community Health Workers: Here's a chance to share your story 


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State training for community health workers

The state Department of Health offers a free Community Health Worker Training program and health specific modules to help CHWs strengthen their skills.

2022 Core Competency Training & Health Specific Modules Schedule (PDF)


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Cardiovascular Health

The Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes Prevention Program at the state Department of Health provides training on cardiovascular health that supports providers seeking to use community health workers in diverse communities.

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Resources and Support for Community-based Workers

This page helps community-based workers recognize the challenges people are facing, how to provide needed support, and who to refer to when someone needs specific kinds of help. Here are resources such as webinars and videos in English and Spanish that are designed to share with family, friends, neighbors, and clients: 

Supporting people in crisis

Caring for ourselves and our community members

Learning to use technology


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Washington State Community Health Workers Association

The Washington State Community Health Workers Association seeks to meet the needs of the diverse community health worker workforce through training, professional development, communication, and access to resources and job opportunities. 

See their COVID-19 training materials

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COVID-19 workforce training materials

See a series of videos in English or Spanish that provide flu vaccine promotion talking points and training, training about COVID-19 and ways to build your personal resilience in your field.