Community-Based Integrated Care Fellowship


This yearlong program welcomes psychiatric providers seeking additional training to deliver integrated
care in community-based settings. This training program is structured as an employment-friendly program with a priority of flexibility in scheduling, including a self-paced distance learning component and quarterly in-person specialized skills work sessions. Participation is free for Washington State providers, but participants will be responsible for travel costs and a nominal fee for continuing medical education credit.

Provided by
University of Washington Integrated Care Training Program
Funded by
Washington State Legislature through the Safety-Net Hospital Assessment bill
Regional Availability
Targeted Participants

Psychiatric providers, including psychiatrists, psychiatric ARNPs, and psychiatric PAs

Ongoing, one-year committment
Practice Responsibilities


Practice Benefits
  • Education on using telepsychiatry and other technologies to help areas in the state with no current psychiatric providers
  • Training on working with an integrated mental healthcare team in primary care settings
  • In-person and distance learning in the following areas:
    • core collaborative care skills
    • telepsychiatry
    • establishing an integrated care practice
    • delivering care for special populations
    • ins and outs of billing/payment codes
Contact information
ICTP team