Integrated Health Care Alliance (IHCA)


Integrating behavioral health clinicians into primary care settings and preparing them to participate in value-based payment models (including alternative payment models).

Provided by
American Psychological Association (APA)

American Psychological Association Practice Organization (APAPO)

Funded by
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
Regional Availability
Also available nationally
Targeted Participants

Behavioral health clinicians and mental health specialists; licensed psychologists; licensed clinical social workers

Targeted patient populations
All patients
All primary care patients with complex needs
Recruiting through July 2018
Practice Responsibilities
  • Complete a baseline Practice Readiness Assessment Tool (PRAT) and three follow-up assessments. These PRATs will be conducted by the regional QIN-QIO (Qualis Health is the QIN-QIO for Washington State).
  • Submit quality measures to APA throughout the project duration.
Practice Benefits
  • Access to APA’s brand-new, free training courses: a six-hour training on Integrated Primary Care for six CE credits and a two-hour training on payment models to thrive in a value-based world for two CE credits
  • New business skills to succeed in a changing healthcare environment
  • Participation in a network of behavioral health specialists in the practice transformation process to learn from each other’s progress
  • Being pioneers in taking the field of psychology in a new direction, while advocating for psychology’s important role in new healthcare directions

FAQ page for clinicians:

Contact information
Emily Schenck, 202-336-5531