Mental Health Integration Program (MHIP)


Program that provides high quality mental health screening, treatment and monitoring as part of an
evidence- and outcome-based Collaborative Care approach to treat common mental conditions experienced by
patients who are being served primarily in Federally Qualified Community Health Centers. The program is unique
in supporting the Collaborative Care model and includes:

  • Integrated mental health care coordinators in a physical health setting
  • Caseload workflow management using an electronic registry
  • Regular psychiatric consultation
  • Emphasis on evidence-based practices
  • Use of screening and tracking tools
  • Use of Quality Aims/pay for performance
Provided by
Community Health Plan of Washington

University of Washington AIMS Center, Public Health Seattle and King County

Funded by
Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) and Public Health - Seattle & King County.
Regional Availability
Targeted Participants

Nineteen community health center Members of the Community Health Network of Washington

Targeted patient populations
All patients
All Community Health Plan of Washington Members, King County Veterans, Veteran's Families, Moms, Uninsured and Older Adults
Practice Responsibilities
  • Ensure that the care team is trained in the Collaborative Care model
  • Hire or reallocate a Collaborative Care team member who is licensed to deliver mental health services
  • Develop clinic workflows to ensure that patients are appropriately screened and referred to Care Coordinator
  • Document patient encounters and care through CHPW’s web-based information tracking system, MHITS
Practice Benefits
  • Training in Collaborative Care model provided by the University of Washington AIMS Center
  • Access and support for MHITS, behavioral health population registry
  • Psychiatry consultation support from the University of Washington Psychiatry Department
  • Financial support to improve access to mental health in primary care
Contact information
Stephanie Shushan