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Population Health for Front-Line Providers: A Data Driven Approach

In the webinar, Population Health for Front-Line Providers: A Data Driven Approach, Jeff Hummel, MD, MPH and Hub coach, Carolyn Brill, CPHIMS, CHP discussed population health management for a provider audience. This data driven approach includes case examples of depression in people with diabetes and efforts to improve their clinical outcomes. This webinar will explore:

Using Pharmacies to Access Naloxone: A guide for community-based agencies

A New Guide: Using Pharmacies to Access Naloxone

The University of Washington's Center for Opioid Safety Education has a new guide, Using Pharmacies to Access Naloxone: a guide for community-based agencies. The guide gives an overview of how agencies can work with pharmacies to provide naloxone directly, easily, and at low cost, to specific clients at risk of overdose.

The Center also has available:

Medication-Assisted Treatment Models of Care for Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care Settings

 A number of MAT models of care have been developed and implemented in primary care settings. Research is needed to clarify optimal MAT models of care and to understand effective strategies for overcoming barriers to implementation. The models of care presented in this technical brief may help inform the individualized implementation or MAT models of care in different primary care settings.