New payment models in Washington-the opportunities and supports

Hi, I'm Bob Crittenden and I'm a family doctor. Worked in southeast Seattle and central Seattle almost all my life, for around 40 years. Started a clinic in southeast Seattle and helped develop the Family Medicine in Harborview. In the last few years, I've been working with the state of Washington, working for the governor, overseeing all the health reform activities. Including things that help us innovate and improve the care we provide. Underlying a lot of the changes that you'll be making in your practice as well as throughout the state is the payment method that we use. In the past, we used fee for service, we've occasionally used capitation, but most of the time it's just been a payment for a face to face encounter which is a traditional way to do it. But doesn't allow you as a practice, to innovate and organize your team and make the care you think is most effective work for you. We're changing the way we pay using performance measures. In other words, looking at outcomes and then paying for better outcomes. The idea there is that allows you as a provider to use your money more effectively, more broadly in ways you think are the most effective ways to do it. We think that'll help you innovate and it'll hopefully help our patients be healthier.