Trauma Informed Approach webinar for WACHWA

To our Community Health Worker Family, We are excited to offer this webinar on Trauma Informed Care (TIC). This approach to understanding and serving our clients within a framework is essential to the context of care we offer. All people experience trauma that impacts their worldview, sense of safety and trust. Trauma may be personal, cultural, historical or gender based. The TIC training will give you an overall picture of how the key principles of this approach can be implemented in your organization. It will help you understand the ways identity, culture, community and oppression can affect a person’s experience of trauma. You will learn strategies to address both individual and community trauma while acquiring the skills to understand its impact on you. (Registration link below)

 One of the most valuable qualities of Community Health Workers is meeting a person’s needs with Servicio de Corazon, a Serving Heart. The Trauma Informed Care approach will help you serve with compassion and understanding. We are pleased to offer this first WACHWA training to our members.

 Warm Regards,

WACHWA Professional Development Committee


NOTE: This training will be available on the WACHWA WA Portal website after the live webinar.


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