Culture. Community. Action Event Follow Up

Dear Pierce County Community Members and Partners,

I wish to thank you for attending our regional Culture. Community. Action. Forum yesterday. It was an honor to be a part of this community-based, shared learning day with you. Many in our community know that I have had the privilege of working closely with Dr. John Whittington and Laura Brennan for several years and that I am fiercely dedicated to the Science of Improvement and the work of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. It was inspirational seeing our community embracing the tenets of the Triple Aim and working on a regional solution, together. I am thrilled that we, as a collective community, are on the journey toward health improvement.

Again, I apologize that I was not able to make it back in the afternoon from my service on the Pierce County Integration Oversight Board in time to thank you for your participation in person. (We are working toward Financial Integration of Managed Care and had a special meeting with providers and managed care organizations regarding the transition.) I hope that you were as motivated by the thought-provoking presentations and lively discussions as our team was.

A special thank you to our state agency partners in attendance for their leadership and active participation throughout the day and during the afternoon sessions. We particularly appreciate all of the speakers for sharing their wisdom and experiences, including John Whittington, MD, Laura Brennan, and Kellyanne Johnson from IHI; David Carlson, DO, MultiCare Medical Associates; Bill J. Wright, PhD, Center for Outcomes Research and Education; Barbara Detering, MD, Kaiser Permanente of Washington; Jacques Colon, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department; and Janna Bardi and Maria Courogen from the Washington State Department of Health. Your dedication and commitment are an inspiration as we work towards equitable health transformation in Pierce County.

We also would like to thank Community Health Worker Elizabeth Clark and Community Voice Council Member Cheri Profit, along with all the members from our Board and councils who were in attendance.

Finally, I would like to thank Adam Aaseby and Robbi Kay Norman for facilitating the event.

Below are links to the slide presentation from yesterday, as well as the handouts and contact information for our guest speakers. I have also included information about the Washington Portal.

One last logistical item: someone left an iPad behind yesterday. Please contact Teresa McCallion at if the iPad is yours.

All of us at Pierce County ACH are proud and humbled by your attendance and participation in this shared learning event. We are excited about our continued commitment to you—our community—to co-create equitable health for all of Pierce County.


Thank you again,

Alisha Fehrenbacher, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer | Pierce County ACH
2201 S 19th St, #101 Tacoma, WA 98405
P: 253.370.9242 | F: 253.302.5524|



Direct link to the Washington Resource Portal Partner Page

This document can also be found in the FAQ/Help section of the Portal. If you would like to sign up for the Portal, or if you have any questions regarding the Integrated Managed Care Learning Network Team, contact Pierce County ACH Improvement Adviser Angie Treptow at