CFHA WEBINAR : Family Centered Care

Tools for Teaching Healthcare Providers to Practice Family Centered Care 

Biomedical and behavioral healthcare providers are now working more collaboratively than ever before, allowing patients to be at the center of an integrated healthcare system. However, patients are often already fully integrated into other systems of people who have a lot of power over the health decisions they make. Patients’ family members, for example, can have a more significant influence on patients’ health than their healthcare providers do. This is especially true amidst behavioral and biopsychosocial conditions (such as smoking cessation, addiction, ADHD, depression, etc.) and during times of family transition (such as infertility, maternity, children’s healthcare, end-of-life care). While patient-centeredness is necessary, so too is having the skills to partner with our patients’ family members as members of a broader healthcare team. This webinar will focus on family-centered care, specifically by using free-access educational tools to demonstrate ways of developing and improving the communication skills for working with patients’ in their family context. These tools include the Family-Centered Observation Form (FCOF) and its companion web-based training module, which are designed to help teach and observe family-oriented interviewing skills among healthcare professionals.  

Webinar Presentation