Youth advisory council graphic with pictures and images of young people and washington animals.

We are committed to responding to the feedback and recommendations of the Youth Advisory Council through implementation and action. Activities to honor their feedback are already underway.


Check out what we're working on:

  • The Youth Advisory Council Report: 2022 Cohort is now available to read. It shares feedback and recommendations from our first YAC cohort.

  • Here's a 4-page summary of the Youth Advisory Council Report: 2022 Cohort.

  • Check out the new Teen Health Hub WA, a new curated directory of accurate and reliable health information codesigned with the Youth Advisory Council and Youth Voice interns and volunteers.

  • In addition, we are working on:

    • How-To videos for young people on topics they want to know about

    • A new Youth-Friendly Certification developed by young people for youth-serving medical clinics and practices

    • An inventory of youth-serving organizations in the state