Professional Development



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Goal Statement: Education and skill training on topics that are important to CHWs


Key Strategies:


1.)    Research Lessons from other states

2.)    Develop a structure and roadmap to professional and/or workforce development

3.)    Develop a ladder for young/new CHW's work force development simultaneous

4.)    Skills and Training on connecting systems and services

Success Measure(s):

  • Index of resources for professional development topics (regional based) 
  • A council/committee/board that reviews new and development training and curricula, then makes recommendations
  • Open access index for CHW's snapshot for professional development in WA
  • CHW to CHW professional insight/experience for navigating issues of diversity, need and inclusion successfully. 

Professional Development Committee Work:


We are excited to offer this webinar on Trauma Informed Care (TIC). 

WACHWA Trauma Informed Care Webinar


Report and Recommendations for Implementing Training for Community Healthcare Workers

Community Health Care Report