COVID-19 Workforce Training Materials

The Coronavirus which is also called COVID-19 is placing a huge burden on many of our most vulnerable communities. As people who work closely with, and cares deeply about our communities, it is important to protect you and our community members.

Below is a list of resources that can help you in your community. PLEASE FOLLOW THE BELOW GUIDELINES WHEN USING:

  • Access to all resources is only made available in PDF format to ensure training quality and consistency that results in the intended knowledge transfer.  Please do not deviate from the content provided as this content has been approved through state government and COVID Incident Command.
  • Please check with Pama Joyner at Pama.Joyner@DOH.WA.GOV  to ensure that you have the latest batch of training materials before presenting. Obviously, the COVID-19 world is extremely dynamic and training materials will need to be updated on a routine basis.
  • Use the standard COVID-19 FAQs to answer questions as they arise. If other questions arise, please capture them and send them to Pama Joyner at so we can add those to the FAQs and make them widely available.




NEW: COVID-19 Building Resilience Training Guide

View this Document (Updated 6/20/20)


NEW: COVID-19 Building Resilience Handout

View this Document (Updated 6/20/20


NEW: COVID-19 Building Resilience Training - WEBINAR

Watch this Video (Updated 6/23/20)


What is COVID-19?

Watch this VIDEO (Updated 5/1/20)


COVID-19 Training Handout

View this Document (Updated 4/30/20)


COVID-19 Training FAQ's

View this Document (Updated 4/20/20)


Community Based Workforce COVID-19 Training Guide

View this Document (Updated 4/30/20)


Community Based Workforce COVID-19 Training - WEBINAR

Watch this VIDEO (Updated 4/13/20)