Guidance for Behavioral Health Sites

Adapting to a new assessment tool can be incredibly time consuming for busy providers and clinic staff. The WA-ICA team has developed a range of support materials adapted to different learning styles to help prepare your care team in the transition to this new assessment.

WA-ICA for Behavioral Health Sites

Copy of the full assessment: WA-ICA for Behavioral Health sites

Assessment Tool Worksheet

This word document includes all questions on the WA-ICA for Behavioral Health sites. We encourage your site lead to complete the document after gathering care team feedback, in preparation for officially submitting your responses online.

Submission Portal

Coming soon! The submission period will open on July 11th, we will be adding the link at that time. The deadline to submit your assessment is August 22nd by 11:59pm. Only online submissions via Formassembly will be accepted.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the WA-ICA. This document will be updated periodically as new questions surface during the roll-out.


Implementation Guide

A written guide that explains how your care team should approach the WA-ICA. Includes detailed interpretations and real-life clinical examples of the different levels of each sub-domain.

Implementation Guide for Behavioral Health Sites

Tutorial video on how to navigate the domains and sub-domains

A 45-minute video tutorial. The creator of the tool, Dr. Henry Chung walks you through the Behavioral Health tool and provides practical advice for how to interpret each level of the sub-domains so you can apply the tool to your site.


Introductory Webinar

On June 21st from 10 – 11:30am, the WA-ICA team will host a 90-minute introductory webinar to orient cohort 1 behavioral health providers to the new assessment tool. Leaders of this initiative will explain why the state is transitioning to a new assessment tool and how it benefits providers and the state. We will also provide a thorough overview of the new tool, including a detailed walk-through of all domains and sub-domains of the assessment with the tool’s creator, Dr. Henry Chung. We will also cover helpful resources and explain how the data will be used. This will be an interactive training, with dedicated time to ask questions.


Office Hours

On July 6th from 1 - 2:30pm the WA-ICA team will host a virtual office hours session for cohort 1 behavioral health providers to get their questions answered and have an opportunity to interact with the WA-ICA team before the submission period opens. We encourage you to attend.

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