Guidance for Behavioral Health Sites

Below you will find resources and materials designed to support your teams in completing the WA-ICA. 

WA-ICA for Behavioral Health Sites

Copy of the full assessment: WA-ICA for Behavioral Health sites

WA-ICA Cohort 1 Statewide Results for Behavioral Health

Data collection for Cohort 1 participants occurred in July and August of 2022 with 126 behavioral health practice participants.

View the statewide results from Cohort 1 behavioral health sites. 

View the Cohort 1 qualitative analysis. This is a combined analysis of both primary care and behavioral health site responses to qualitative assessment questions.

Assessment Tool Worksheet

This word document includes all questions on the WA-ICA for Behavioral Health sites. We encourage your site lead to complete the document after gathering care team feedback, in preparation for officially submitting your responses online.

Implementation Guide

The written guide below explains how your care team should approach the WA-ICA. While this guide includes information specific to Cohort 1 (which ended in 2022), it also includes helpful information about forming your assessment team and completing the assessment, including detailed interpretations and real-life clinical examples of the different levels of each sub-domain.

Implementation Guide for Behavioral Health Sites

Tutorial video on how to navigate the domains and sub-domains

A 45-minute video tutorial. The creator of the tool, Dr. Henry Chung walks you through the Behavioral Health tool and provides practical advice for how to interpret each level of the sub-domains so you can apply the tool to your site.

Introductory webinar

A recording of the training webinar with behavioral health practices held on June 21, 2022. Slides are available here.