Linked below are a few select resources that can help with improving high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and overall cardiovascular health.


Great 8

The Great 8 is a visual-based tool created to improve communications around cardiovascular health between health professionals and patients, especially patients with low health literacy and limited English proficiency. Available in English, Spanish, and 22 other languages.


Self-Monitored Blood Pressure

Supporting patients in self-monitoring blood pressure and using the information collected to inform treatment is a powerful tool for health improvement. Selected resources are available from this page.


Recognition for Your Organization

Health systems and practices working to improve cardiovascular care may qualify to be recognized for their efforts. This page has information on how to gain recognition for the work you are doing to improve your population's cardiovascular health.


Diabetes Connection

Managing diabetes and preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes are key to cardiovascular disease prevention among people at risk. The Diabetes Connection is the web portal for the Washington State Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Network, with information, events, and resources to support diabetes control and prevention.