Care Connect graphics

This page contains both social media graphics and materials you can print and distribute about the Care Connect program. 

Social media graphics

Click each image to view on its own page. Then copy the URL into your social media app or right-click and select "save as" to download to your computer.




Download a zip file of this graphic in English and Spanish and other colors.




Printable Materials


Download the PDFs you need 

Just need English? Regular version | high-resolution version for mass printing

Amharic Arabic Burmese
Chinese (simplified) Chinese (traditional) Chuukese
Farsi French German
Hindi Hmong Japanese
Karen Khmer Korean
Lao Marshallese Mixteco Bajo
Nepali Oromo Portuguese
Punjabi Romanian Russian
Samoan Somali Spanish
Swahili Tagalog Tamil
Telugu Thai Tigrinya
Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese


Want several PDFs? Download a zip file with high and low-resolution versions:



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