May De-escalation Communication Training opportunity

The Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Group is offering De-escalation Communication Training Wednesday, May 18, 9 to 10:30 a.m.

Many public health and health care providers are experiencing uncomfortable and stressful interactions with the public and coworkers which is increasing workplace and personal stress. This training is designed to help navigate those difficult conversations and focus on clear and effective communication. Because some conflicts are inevitable, de-escalation skills will be covered. It is especially useful for those who work on teams or have considerable interaction with the public.

Training details

  • 90 minutes long
  • Held virtually using Zoom
  • Taught by professionals with disaster response expertise
  • No cost to you or your organization
  • Especially useful for those who have considerable interaction with the public


If you have questions regarding this training, please email (ATTN: De-escalation Communication Training).