Tier 3: CoCM Implementation Learning Collaborative

LAMMHA CoCM Implementation Learning Collaborative

Participating sites will join a two-year learning collaborative to implement the full Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) to improve perinatal mental health care. CoCM is more effective than usual care for patients with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health conditions.

More information

  • See CoCM Flyer for information and evidence base
  • See LAMMHA flyer
  • See LAMMHA flyer supplement
  • Details on the application and elements below
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns as you prepare your application. We are happy to share more information or set up a call!

Application and Award Dates

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until each cohort is filled.  Please see below for the LAMMHA CoCM application and cohort dates.

Complete the online LAMMHA application

CoCM Cohort award periods and application close dates:

  • Cohort 1: Feb 2023 - Jan 2025; (11/30/22 close date) 
  • Cohort 2: Aug 2023 - Jul 2025; (5/31/22 close date) 
  • Cohort 3: Feb 2024 - Jan 2026; (11/30/23 close date) 
  • Cohort 4: Aug 2024 - Jul 2026; (5/31/24 close date) 
  • Award notification within 1 month of application submission, no later than 2 weeks past close date.
  • Five sites will be awarded in each cohort.   

Who Should Participate? 

  • Los Angeles County ambulatory practices working with prenatal, postpartum, and infant pediatric populations  
  • Los Angeles County practices committed to improving perinatal mental health care 
  • Clinics serving vulnerable and underserved populations 

CoCM Overview

(note detailed elements at bottom of page).

  • Participating site locations work on a full implementation of CoCM
  • Award of $75,000 per participating site location
  • Tailored practice coach support for 24 months to support participating site location's goals
  • Access to AIMS Caseload Tracker (ACT) registry (2-year license provided)
  • Financial sustainability support
  • Join monthly webinar/case call sessions to support CoCM implementation
  • Join 10 monthly ECHO Case Series sessions for didactic and case consultation support 
  • Access to LAMMHA website resources and learning community
  • Choose this level of support if high capacity and commitment to support implementation/QI work to improve perinatal mental health.

Benefits of CoCM Participation

Some of the benefits of participating in LAMMHA as a CoCM site are:

  • Financial support to implement CoCM
  • Dedicated practice coach for each participating site location
  • Fiscal consultation to optimize reimbursement, revenue neutral model for sustainment
  • Option to engage with Concert Health to outsource core CoCM functions
  • Participate in a learning community to share and adopt best practices
  • Structured clinical training of major roles associated with model (e.g., physician, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, medical assistant, etc.)
  • Access to AIMS Caseload Tracker registry (2-year license provided)

CoCM Eligibility and Requirements

Please see below for site eligibility and participation requirements.

  • Los Angeles County clinic serving perinatal population (>200 perinatal patients/year)
  • Assign existing staff member to be trained as CoCM Care Manager (min 30% FTE) and willing to engage
  • Psychiatric Consultant engagement (existing or through new contract supported by LAMMHA)
  • Prenatal and pediatric care with Comprehensive Perinatal Service Program (CPSP)
  • Commitment of core team of up to 6 members (leadership and clinicians), with assigned program lead
  • Report data on metrics
  • Provide time for internal meetings, practice coaching calls, site visits and trainings.
  • Participate in individual interviews and focus groups reflecting on your experiences.
  • Sign AIMS Caseload Tracker license agreement, CCALAC MOU and UW DUA.

Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be reviewed by the LAMMHA partners using the below evaluation criteria. 

  • Geographical region - Los Angeles County
  • Capacity to deliver perinatal behavioral health care (>200 perinatal patients served annually)
  • Organizational capacity and readiness to implement proposed aims.
  • Experience and commitment to quality improvement and CoCM implementation
  • Commitment to improving perinatal behavioral health care
  • Care delivery to vulnerable and at-risk populations
  • Overall strength and quality of proposed work

Implementation Support Elements and Schedule

The implementation support will follow the below schedule and support elements during the 24-month program. 



      Unützer J, Katon W, Callahan CM, et al. Collaborative Care Management of Late-Life Depression in the Primary Care Setting: A Randomized Controlled Trial. JAMA. 2002;288(22):2836–2845. doi:10.1001/jama.288.22.2836