MMRP ECHO Perinatal Case Conference Series

The Maternal Mortality Review Panel (MMRP) ECHO begins in September 2022 Supporting and training members of primary care clinics


Who should attend?

  • Any clinician providing primary care to pregnant and parenting individuals - including advance practice clinicians, family medicine physicians, and family medicine residents
  • Staff - including intake coordinator, care coordinator, clinic manager etc.

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Participants will learn to address causes of maternal mortality as identified in the Maternal Mortality Review Panel report.

Webinars will be presented on the third Tuesday of each month, They will include components that guide evaluation of the severity of any identified risk, preparation of a risk mitigation plan, and initiation of a team-based care approach within the care setting. 

Webinar title


Presentation date

Reducing Perinatal Suicide Risk   September 20, 2022
Reducing Pregnancy-Associated Deaths Due to Accidental Substance Overdose   October 18, 2022
Perinatal Suicide Risk  – Reducing Stigma and Bias Related to Behavioral Health Conditions   November 15, 2022
Reducing Hemorrhage Causes of Maternal Mortality   December 20, 2022
Reducing Preeclampsia Causes of Maternal Mortality    January 17, 2023
Reducing Eclampsia Causes of Maternal Mortality    February 21, 2023
Reducing HELLP Syndrome Causes of Maternal Mortality    March 21, 2023
Reducing Impact of Obesity on Maternal Mortality   April 18, 2023
Address Social Determinants of Health and Other Social Inequities to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Priority Populations (vulnerable populations)   May 16, 2023
Quality Improvement Efforts to Reduce the Leading Causes of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity    June 20, 2023