The state will transform health care by building community-based facility near Stanwood in Snohomish County. The facility will enable people who are in recovery to receive care close to their home, family, and community.

A building permit for the residential treatment facility will be submitted to Snohomish County. The facility will be built in a phased approach starting with a minimum of 16 beds. The exact number of beds will be determined according to funding and staffing.

The goal is for the Snohomish County facility to become a part of the community as a resource, a partner, and a good neighbor.

Latest news

The state has applied for a conditional-use permit with Snohomish County.

The Health Care Authority will host a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, March 22. The meeting will feature updates on the building design, scope of the project, and timelines. Participants will have the opportunity to offer feedback and ask questions. 

To register for the town hall or learn more about the proposed community-based facility, visit the Health Care Authority's proposed community-based residential treatment facility: Snohomish County page.

Our patients

People who live in a community-based facility are in active recovery from a behavioral health condition. The health care facility will serve as an alternative to a hospital and will help them to live healthy and safe lives. 

Building security

The facility will be kept secure with 24-hour surveillance, entry and exit points of control, and de-escalation training for staff.