The SWACH Learning Community on the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal provides a virtual space to support SWACH partners in the implementation of transformation activities. The Learning Community serves as a place for partners to collaborate and find resources to accelerate health system transformation. 

How Can I Use the Learning Community to Support Transformation Work?

  • Create a virtual team space with your partner organizations to work on transformation activities such as care coordination, clinical integration, opioid use disorder or reducing emergency room visits
  • Share lessons learned and ask questions of your peers through the Learning Community’s exchange function
  • Create your own organization team folder to share workplan progress and reports. 
  • Share documents and resources with your partners
  • Find out what training and technical assistance is happening in the SWACH region
  • Access vetted resources and tools specific to your transformation activities, i.e. don’t re-invent the wheel!

Questions & Contact Info:

  • Watch a webinar on getting started with the SWACH Learning Community, here
  • View SWACH's WA Portal quick start guide and best practices, here
  • Find additional instructions on using the Learning Community, including how-to guides and videos here
  • Questions? Contact us!

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