What is Pierce County ACH?

 Our mission is to build a transformation strategy that ensures whole-person health and health equity for our entire community.  We use as our guide, the Institute of Health Improvement’s Triple Aim modified to the Quadruple Aim, to incorporate a substantial emphasis on health equity. Our goal is to contribute  to the health and well-being of all Pierce County communities through easy access to quality, whole-person care that improves physical, mental and social wellbeing, decreases disparities, reduces health care costs and enhances provider satisfaction. We will create transformation through collaborative public-private partnerships and develop long-term strategies, such as shared savings through a Community Resiliency Fund, to spread effective and sustainable approaches. 

 Our Role

Our primary role is to serve as a hub for community-clinical linkages that include physical health care providers, behavioral health providers, substance abuse disorder providers, community health workers, county government, the criminal justice system, first responders, human services, public health, organizations addressing social determinants of health, and insurance providers as they come together to address challenges and identify solutions to providing equitable and sustainable whole-person care in both the rural and urban communities of Pierce County. 



How do I contact someone from Pierce County ACH?

Email us at LearningCommunity@piercecountyach.org 


HCA Mid Adopter FAQ's

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What Is Practice Transformation?

Practice transformation is the process of physical and behavioral health providers adapting their systems to meet the new payment, reporting, clinical and service requirements. Click here to learn more about Practice Transformation.