Develop Evidence-Informed Interventions to reach Populations of Concern

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Population health interventions need to influence prevalence of a disease or health issue, including prevalence within populations. That calls for a balanced portfolio, including a combination of:

  • Interventions at the clinical, clinical-community linkage, broad population level
  • Evidence-based interventions, and those that are innovative

Challenge: Some funding sources require proven evidence-based interventions; partners and stakeholders may want to pursue innovative interventions.

Try: When adding interventions that are not recognized as best practices, include a rationale (i.e. strategy is necessary for cultural sensitivity to target community) and cite any research you may have to support using the innovative intervention. Put evaluation strategies in place from the start to assess the success of any intervention not classified as evidence-based. You may be able to develop a new best practice that will benefit not only your community, but others as well.