You can choose from two levels of access to fit your needs! 

The free version includes: 

  • Viewing access to the events calendar
  • Viewing access to the resource library
  • Viewing access to the resource locator map
  • Viewing access to Population Health Guide 
  • Viewing access to partner pages
  • Creation of a My Portal account
  • Creation of a single secure My Portal team 

The paid version supports the work of larger initiatives and includes:

  • Everything in the free version, and
  • Ability to monitor and manage your projects and initiatives with web tools
  • Option to create and manage project and team calendars
  • Posting rights to the resource library
  • External-facing homepage that organizes and showcases all elements of your work
  • Tools to manage multiple My Portal teams simultaneously to support coaching and training
  • Technical assistance and training to help get you started
  • Design support and analytics to help shape your web presence on WA Portal


Ready to get started?

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