About the Value Based Payment Practice Transformation Academy

The Healthier Washington Practice Transformation Support Hub has partnered with the Washington Council for Behavioral Health and the National Council for Behavioral Health to offer a Value-Based Payment Practice Transformation Academy (Academy).  A cohort of 20 licensed community behavioral health agencies have been chosen to participate in the Academy. Phase 1 ran from October 2017 to January 2018, and Phase 2 begins in February 2018 and ends in August 2018.

The Academy is designed to (1) cultivate internal champions to plan for and enact the steps necessary to succeed in VBPs; and (2) to provide comprehensive technical assistance to build organizational capacity to adopt VBPs in Washington State.

Through nine webinars, two in-person meetings, and frequent coaching calls, these agencies will work with faculty experts, practice coaches, and their own internal VBP steering committee to gain a better understanding of value-based principles and models in behavioral health consistent with the HCA Value-Based Road Map and Apple Health Value-Based Payment Fact Sheet, and how they can be applied within their agency.  

At the conclusion of the Academy, all materials will be posted here to ensure that other agencies and members of the public may benefit from these valuable materials.

Value-Based Payment Resources

Academy Webinar Slides


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