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What Is Practice Transformation?

Practice transformation is the process of physical and behavioral health providers adapting their systems to meet the new payment, reporting, clinical and service requirements.

Practice transformation does not mean providers aren’t already doing all they can to help their patients. It means payment models are changing and providers need to find new ways to:

  • Increase revenue potential by tracking and reporting activities to get full credit for services as the health care system transitions from volume- to value-based payments (such as improved health outcomes and patient experience).
  • Effectively engage all assigned patients to promote better health, whether or not they come in for an appointment.
  • Partner with community resources to strengthen patient support services.
  • Support whole person care by finding practical ways to integrate physical and behavioral health.


The Change Process

Practice transformation involves changes to both clinical services and operations, and there is a lot to do, but practices can break down each change to a series of action steps:



Get Help

There are a variety of services available to help Washington physical and behavioral health providers with practice transformation efforts. All services are free.
Providers can get as much—or as little—help as they need, from one-on-one assistance to larger training opportunities.
Resources are available to all areas in a practice from clinicians to office staff, and support is available to help with each step in the change process.


No Wrong Door

There is no wrong door; any of the support contacts can help you find the service that’s right for your practice. Not sure where to start? Contact the Hub Help Desk: 206-288-2540 or 800-949-7536 ext. 2540 /


Overview of Free Practice Transformation Support

Available in Washington State

There are a variety of programs offering free practice transformation resources and technical assistance to practices. There are participation exclusions for some  programs, but not all. Find out more in the table below. More detailed information is available on the Hub's Resource Portal at



What Does the Program  Do?

Who is Eligible?

What Services Are Provided?

Department of Health Transforming Pediatric Practice (TCPI); Ends 9/2019 Contact: Melissa Thoemke Website:

Assistance to improve health outcomes for children on Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance program.

Pediatric primary care and behavioral health providers and practices with an emphasis on rural and underserved areas. Ages 0-21 Medicaid payer.

Regionally based on-site practice facilitators assist clinicians with integrating quality and process improvements to provide evidence- based, efficient patient-centered care.

National Rural Accountable Care Consortium (TCPI); Ends 9/2019

Contact: Robin Moody Website:

Assistance to develop a sustainable care coordination and population health management program that will improve health and reduce costs and allow practices to participate in value- based payment models.

Rural and community primary care and specialty providers. All populations.

Remote technical assistance; project planning and curriculum. Monthly calls, training, live workshops. Library of on- demand training offers flexible learning.

PeaceHealth (TCPI); Ends 9/2019 Contact: Eric Blake Website:

Assistance to PeaceHealth employed clinicians through implementation of team-based care models within the practices.

Washington PeaceHealth affiliated practices.

Resources, tools and practice facilitation to support assessments and capabilities.

Leadership development, learning, and practice support.

UW WWAMI (TCPI); Ends 9/2019

Contact: BrieAna White


Assistance to improve population health outcomes, reduce hospitalizations and overutilization of other services.

Primary care, specialty care, all populations.

Technical assistance and connection to resources such as toolkits on best practices. Assistance with the development of plans for transformation.

Healthier Washington Practice Transformation Support Hub; Ends 1/2019 Contact: Hub Help Desk

1 (800) 949-7536 ext. 2540 Website:

Assistance to healthcare practices and behavioral health providers for bi- directional integration of physical and behavioral health services.

Priority given to small to medium behavioral health and primary care practices. All payers.

Technical assistance and resources for behavioral health integration, value-based payment preparation. On-site practice assistance, learning events, and a web- based portal on best practices.



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