Survey: Value-based Payments (7/5/18)

The Washington State Health Care Authority is requesting provider participation in a survey on the use of value-based payments among Washington State providers. This survey will provide valuable insight into the challenges providers face as they consider adopting new payment arrangements. Last year’s survey provided valuable insight to the state and its partners, particularly Accountable Communities of Health, and HCA looks forward to building on that information to continue progress toward meeting our goals of delivery system transformation.   
The survey includes five sections: Provider Information; Participation in VBP; Health Disparities & Health Equity; Integration, Workforce, & Technical Support; and Attestation. The financial questions included in the second section refer to the 2017 calendar year (January 1 – December 31, 2017).
The survey is designed to be completed by an administrative leader, with consultation where necessary from clinicians, with one survey per organization. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and will be open through August 31.   
Note: Indian health care providers (IHCPs) are not obligated to participate in this survey. Due to the complexity and diversity of funding for IHCPs, HCA’s survey to measure value-based payments (VBP) to providers may not be relevant to IHCPs.
•    Click to download the survey (Excel)
•    Click to see last year’s survey results
•    HCA’s Paying for Value webpage


Job Posting: Practice Facilitator SW Region (6/3/18)

WA State Department of Health is seeking a practice facilitator for the SW region. The Practice Facilitator is funded through the Pediatric-Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (P-TCPI) whose work includes increasing access to high quality pediatric care. The practice facilitator coordinates training, support, and technical assistance for pediatric and behavior health clinicians and their care teams.  

The Practice Facilitator will develop relationships with the healthcare community in the SW region in order to provide coaching, expert faculty, peer-to-peer networking, and other resources for pediatric practice teams. This position is responsible for facilitating community-clinical linkages to support pediatric care beyond the walls of the clinic setting.

This is a full-time project Health Service Consultant 3 (HSC 3) within Division of Prevention and Community Health – Office of Family and Community Health Improvement, Community Healthcare Improvement and Linkages.
The Pediatric-Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (P-TCPI) and this position are currently funded through September 27, 2019.

For additional information please contact Melissa Thoemke, P-TCPi Unit Manager, at (360) 236-3365, or by email: