Adolescent Health Needs Assessment

We want to know what young people in Washington think about health care.  

To better serve adolescents and young adults, we want to hear more about thGraphic cartoon of doctor with long black hair, wearing a stethascope and looking at their watch.e challenges and barriers young people face when they’re seeking health care in our state.  We also want to know more about the challenges and barriers health care providers encounter when they are serving young people.

So, we’re launching a mini-needs assessment. We want to hear what young people think about health care access, services and delivery, such as well visits, sexual, and behavioral health. And how things are going with the adults and providers that support them.

We’ll use the results to shape the Adolescent Health program planning, and support our MCHBG goals, objectives, and deliverables. We will also share with key partners. Ultimately, this information will help us better serve Washington’s young people.

November 2022: The Adolescent and Young Adult Health Survey is now live!

Coming in spring 2023: We are also planning a series of listening sessions for health care providers serving adolescents and young adults. Check back soon for more information!

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