Strategic Goals and Actions

Male health worker smiles while listening to elderly client as they are seated on livingroom sofa

Our Strategic Priorities, Goals, & Strategies

Strategic Priority: Training & Education

Goal: Increase training and education opportunities for community health workers and supervisors.

  1. Improve accessibility for training and education
  2. Improve DOH's CHW Training Program based on recommendations
  3. Provide training for supervisors of community health workers

Strategic Priority: Employer Support

Goal: Improve support for community health workers and promote long-term retention.

  1. Identify a consistent wage scale for the community health worker workforce
  2. Identify and promote opportunities for supervisors and employers to invest in community health workers
  3. Identify key organizational steps to promote community health worker retention

Strategic Priority: Sustainability & Growth

Goal: Develop systems of support that will promote growth and sustainability for the community health worker workforce.

  1. Explore community health worker certification or similar competency measures
  2. Increase awareness of and benefits of community health worker roles within health and social service systems
  3. Explore opportunities for sustainable funding streams

Strategic Priority: Visibility & Infrastructure

Goal: Promote community health workers as a trusted healthcare profession.

  1. Connect community health workers across the state by building on existing spaces of connection with local and statewide CHW networks
  2. Explore the development of standards and expectations for conducting work as a CHW
  3. Increase understanding of CHW impact and capacity with the public, state and local leaders, and potential employers