Behavioral Health SBHC Grant Information

School-Based Behavioral Health Peer Support Services Grants

DOH is excited to announce the first recipients of the School-Based Behavioral Health Peer Support Services grants ($65,000):

  • Manson School District
  • Medical Lake School District
  • Seattle Public Schools

This opportunity funds behavioral health peer support services projects based in Washington schools. Selected projects are based in schools that serve children and adolescents from communities that have been and continue to be underserved. Projects will be implemented over the 2024-2025 school year.

School-Based Health Center Behavioral Health Improvement Grants

DOH awarded the first SBHC behavioral health improvement grant recipients in 2022. Currently, all grantees are implementing their projects.

SBHC Behavioral Health Improvement Grants ($90,000) - to maintain, improve, or expand existing Behavioral Health SBHC operations:

  • Columbia Basin Health Association - Othello School District
  • Peninsula Community Health Services - Bremerton High School and Barker Creek Community School
  • Odessa Brown Children's Clinic - Lowell Elementary School
  • Country Doctor Community Health Center - Meany and Nova Schools
  • The Health Center - Walla Walla Public Schools

Please see the SBHC story map for more information on the current DOH SBHC grant recipients and their projects.