About Us

Administered by the state Department of Health, the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal (WA Portal) is designed to accelerate collaboration and resource-sharing between Washington State public health, social service organizations, and community-based organizations as an online health and wellness learning community.  

The WA Portal was built by Washington health care providers, educators, web developers, public health and community-based professionals – all working together to create health and wellness solutions that can be used across the state.

WA Portal was originally designed as part of the Healthier Washington Practice Transformation initiative to support clinical and behavioral health practices, and community-based organizations across the nine Accountable Communities of Health. It was built in a partnership between the University of Washington’s Department of Family Medicine Primary Care Innovation Lab and the Washington State Department of Health with input from users statewide.

Features central to the Healthier Washington Portal

  • Share information about your work on your own webpage. Set up a place for your multi-partner initiative to showcase its work
  • Join or create a My Portal team that allows you to share documents, information, and exchange messages
  • Explore the resource library for clinical practice tools, health topic information

View a printable summary about the WA Portal (PDF) 

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