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What makes the WA Portal different?

While there are many other national websites and programs focused on practice transformation, the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal, WA Portal, is different for several reasons.


The WA Portal:

  • Targets the unique needs of small- and medium-sized behavioral health agencies and primary care practices of 20 or fewer providers in Washington State
  • Supports the nine Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) to make sure uniquely regional needs are addressed
  • Provides region-specific resources and links to assist practices, Regional Connectors, and Coaches engaged in practice transformation work

The WA Portal is a virtual workspace that provides information in a curated resource library, access to local services and programs, and a secure location for partners to work together. We continue to innovate with partner groups, resulting in ever-improving functionality.

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You'll find videos on specific topics here.


Practice Transformation

The Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal (WA Portal) is a participatory effort between members of the community, clinical, and public health communities of Washington State.  This web tool is a living project, which works to address the health needs of our communities. You can find resources on specific topics within the practice transformation category in our Resource Library.

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