About Us

Created by the community, for the community

The Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal (WA Portal) is a virtual Health & Wellness Learning Community designed to accelerate collaboration and resource-sharing between clinical, public health, social service organizations, and community-based organizations.

It’s a secure and neutral workspace.

The WA Portal was built by and for Washington healthcare providers, educators, web developers, public health and community-based professionals – all working together to create flexible solutions that apply across the state.

The WA Portal is jointly managed by the Washington State Department of Health--Systems Transformation team (DOH) and the University of Washington’s School of Medicine--Primary Care Innovation Lab (UW).



Features central to the WA Portal

  • Join or create a My Portal team that allows you to share documents, information, and participate in team exchanges (conversations)
  • Explore the site resource library, a place to post and download resources such as transformation tools, health-topic information, and more
  • Locate health and wellness services in Washington State using the resource map
  • Schedule events and learning opportunities on the site calendar
  • Share information about your work on your own homepage! Set up a place for your multi-partner initiative to advertise and showcase their work
  • Browse the Population Health Guide if you want to improve or address a health issue in your community. This guide, curated by the Department of Health, will help you turn plans into action!

Please note, new teams using the collaboration space must be approved by WA Portal staff prior to activation. See more details here.

Questions or want to learn more? Contact Us! 

You can reach WA Portal user support at: portal@uw.edu.