Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Modernization Program (IE&E)

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FAQ Answers to frequent questions about the IE&E Modernization Program, products and projects. 
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Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Modernization Roadmap Report 1.15.22. A refreshed Roadmap is in development and is anticipated Summer 2024. 

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What is the Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Modernization Program?

The Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment (IE&E) Modernization Program will transform how Washingtonians access health and human services. This multi-year initiative aims to develop modern, integrated eligibility that better supports our clients and staff. The initiative will create a portal where clients can access multiple health and human services programs and streamline the application process. It will feature an eligibility status tracker, enabling easy access to application and benefits information, as well as enhanced self-service functionality.


We envision a world where Washingtonians tell their story one time as the new system and underlying business processes securely guide them through the possibilities. This vision will be made possible by:

  • A singular, familiar experience 
  • An accessible experience for all 
  • An easier experience for Washingtonians 
  • An improved user experience for client and community-based assistors
  • An improved experience for eligibility staff 

We envision a world where HHS Coalition organizations can quickly respond to program, partner, client and legislative needs, aided by improved technology and business processes, made possible by:

  • State technology ownership and self-service
  • Enabling modernization
  • Continuously integrating new and updated software
  • Engaging employees in streamlined business processes

The HHS Coalition plans to achieve this vision incrementally, making visible and measurable improvements each year.

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Anticipated Benefits for Washingtonians

  • Consistent Experience – a user-friendly system that ensures a consistent and familiar digital experience for Washingtonians; personalized, easy to access and comprehensive.
  • Increased Support – a simplified process of interacting with Washingtonians for eligibility and enrollment, ensuring respect and support every step of the way.
  • Shared Across Programs – information is shared seamlessly across different health and human services programs to enhance the overall experience.

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