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Leveraging media to promote public health education within the Asian community

APARTNERSHIP is an organization committed to serving the Asian community in collaboration with 18 partnered organizations throughout Washington state. The organization is aligned with its partners on promoting COVID-19 awareness, reducing vaccination hesitancy, and addressing health inequities in the Asian community.

APARTNERSHIP aims to reinforce the social determinants of health to be­tter equip communities with resources and strategies that strengthen the community before future public health threats or emergency.

Advancing health education and outreach among Hispanics and Spanish communities through art and culture

Centro Cultural Mexicano is an organization committed to empowering Hispanic/Latino communities by providing access to opportunities for basic needs, including housing and education, using media to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate resources for mental health and COVID-19 prevention.

Engaging Community Health Workers (CHWs) to meet communities where they are

Comagine Health is a national organization that employs the Community Health Worker model to empower African American communities to make informed health decisions, gain access to validated health resources and achieve health equity.

Mobilizing behind community partners' needs to advance health equity

Desautel Hege (DH) is a communications and branding agency dedicated to reaching out to diverse populations throughout Washington state. The Department of Health contracted Desautel Hege to provide technical support to contracted community-based organizations in the design and development of culturally appropriate COVID-19 information and resources through the Health Disparities Grant.

Closing health equity gaps within Washington's African Diaspora community

Health Commons Project (HCP) is a nonprofit organization committed to “closing health equity gaps” in marginalized communities. HCP is partnered with the Department of Health (DOH) through the Health Disparities Grant to address inequities in the African Diaspora community across Washington State.

The organization provides subgrants to African-led community-based organizations and community media outlets to support the design and implementation of education and engagement campaigns related to COVID-19.

Bridging the gap to meet rural community needs

Yakima Valley Community Foundation (YVCF) is dedicated to strengthening community capacity and ensuring equitable access to health care for Hispanic and Latino communities in Yakima, Adams, Grant, and Kittitas counties. Their work is centered on three key areas: quality education, health and well-being, and civic vitality.

Yakima is the third community-based organization the Community Relations and Equity (CRE) team highlights in our 10-part series on organizations leading efforts to reduce COVID-19 disparities in underserved populations in Washington.

More Community-Based Organization Fact Sheets will be posted as they are completed.

Supported by funds made available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support, under the Grant NH75OT000042 CDC-RFA-OT21-2103 National Initiative to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities, via the Washington State Department of Health.