Committee Structure


Community health workers in a conference room listen to a speaker during a meeting


The CHW Leadership Committee has a two-thirds majority community health worker membership. It also includes different sector representatives, including membership organizations, the Health Care Authority, community-based organizations, health care systems, community colleges, and Accountable Communities of Health.

DOH, together with the Public Health Centers for Excellence at Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, supports the work of the CHW Leadership Committee. They facilitate meetings, support strategic workplan development, and advocate for CHW Leadership Committee priorities. They do not hold a voting role on the CHW Leadership Committee.


Meetings and Subcommittee Information

The full membership of the CHW Leadership Committee meets monthly. There are five subcommittees:

  • Training and Education
  • Visibility and Infrastructure
  • Employer Support
  • Sustainability and Growth
  • Operations

The first four listed subcommittees focus on one of the strategic priority areas of the CHW Leadership Committee workplan. Each subcommittee meets monthly, with some follow-up work. Members are asked to join at least one subcommittee. Some current members serve on multiple subcommittees.


Membership Commitment and Opportunities

The CHW Leadership Committee is currently seeking new members! Please click on the button below to learn about membership criteria and commitment. You can also review the application. For additional information regarding the CHW Leadership Committee, contact John Friedl.

A note about CHW Leadership Committee meetings: Most meetings are held virtually. Participants will receive travel reimbursements for in-person meetings.

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