Public Health Advisory Board


The Washington State Legislature enacted Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill (ESSHB) 1152 in 2021, establishing the Washington State Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB). The PHAB is a Governor-appointed body convened by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to advise and provide feedback on the public health system, with a specific focus on governmental public health services, analyzing the COVID-19 response, and evaluating foundational public health services.

Focus and Purpose of the PHAB

As described in law, RCW 43.70.675, the PHAB shall:

  • Advise and provide feedback to the governmental public health system and provide formal public recommendations on public health.
  • Monitor the performance of the governmental public health system.
  • Develop goals and a direction for public health in Washington and provide recommendations to improve public health performance and to achieve the identified goals and direction.
  • Advise and report to the secretary.
  • Coordinate with the governor's office, department, state board of health, local health jurisdictions, and the secretary.
  • Evaluate public health emergency response and provide recommendations for future response, including coordinating with relevant committees, task forces, and stakeholders to analyze the COVID-19 public health response.
  • Evaluate the use of foundational public health services funding by the governmental public health system.

PHAB Members

The PHAB members bring expertise, knowledge and experience to this important work.

The function of the PHAB is advisory. The PHAB may take the following actions:

· Request data and reports to assist in preparing recommendations to the Secretary of Health.

· Make recommendations, via a report, on improvement to the governmental public health system and how foundational public health services dollars are spent.

· Charter committees as needed (for ongoing work) and/or work groups (for short-term work) on various topics related to governmental public health.

· Serve as a liaison to other committees or groups as requested.