WA Portal partners use the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal to support their public health initiatives. WA Portal partners are having tremendous success connecting with stakeholders and communities in ways that are moving our state forward in improving health outcomes for Washington State residents. Visit their partner pages to learn more.


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Adolescent Health

Working in collaboration with partners to provide programs and influence policies that promote the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults where they live, learn, work, and play.

Birth Equity Project

The Birth Equity Project is a community grants program developed to invest in programs that improve birth outcomes for Black, Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native infants and their caregivers.

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Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program

The site provides forms, tools, and training materials for health care professionals, clinics, and prime contractors who work with the BCCHP and WISEWOMAN programs.

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Care Connect

Working with partners in providing Regional Care Coordination hubs to ensure essential services reach people who are in home isolation or quarantine as they’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or come in contact with someone who has tested positive.

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Child Health

The Child Health page support the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being of young children (birth through age 11) and their families. This work includes partnerships with local health jurisdictions, state agencies, community-based organizations, and others to build and strengthen state and local systems to improve the health and safety of children and their families.

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Community Collaborative

Supporting connection so partners can connect with each other, share efforts, leverage resources and facilitate opportunities to collaborate.

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Community Health Worker Leadership Committee

This statewide, multi-stakeholder group representative includes representatives of several CHW networks across Washington state. The CHW Leadership Committee also includes government agencies, health care systems, nonprofits, community colleges, and statewide associations. The role of the CHW Leadership Committee is to:

  • Develop key priorities and guidance to inform education, training, and other aspects of the CHW workforce
  • Guide the implementation of the 2018-2019 CHW Task Force recommendations
  • Inform the CHW role in COVID-19 response and equitable recovery

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Eastern Washington Community Health Worker Network

A space for community health workers (CHWs) or prospective CHWs in eastern Washington to learn and connect.

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Electronic Case Reporting

Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) is the secure creation and transmission of case reports from an electronic health record to public health agencies for disease tracking, case management, and contact tracing. Get an overview of eCR and how it works by going through the eCR Module 1, an interactive training module. Resources are also provided on how to implement eCR within your organization.

Environmental Justice Council

Providing a forum that brings forward the voices of disproportionately impacted communities to inform the state’s environmental justice efforts and advise state agencies on incorporating environmental justice into agency activities.

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Health Equity Zones (HEZ) Initiative

The Washington State Health Equity Zones (HEZ) Initiative recognizes that people who are most impacted by health inequities are closest to the solutions that will improve their health. This initiative will support communities in identifying pressing health concerns and developing projects to address their unique needs.

Maternal Mental Health Access (MaMHA)​​​

Establishing training and support for members of primary care clinics to reduce the risk of death by perinatal suicide and accidental overdose. 

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Pregnant, Parenting, Children, Families and Substance Use Workgroup

The Pregnant, Parenting, Children and Families (PPCF) workgroup is connected to the state's Opioid Taskforce and works to address the impact of substance use on families.

Public Health Advisory Board

The PHAB is a Governor-appointed body convened by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to advise and provide feedback on the public health system, with a specific focus on governmental public health services, analyzing the COVID-19 response, and evaluating foundational public health services.


Washington CARES About Cancer Partnership

A partnership comprised of public and private stakeholders across Washington State providing information about the WA CARES about Cancer Partnership to cancer professionals and public health advocates.

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Washington Integrated Care Assessment (WA-ICA)

These pages serve as a resource for providers and care team members completing the WA-ICA on behalf of their clinical sites. The resources available here will help orient you to completing the Washington Integrated Care Assessment.

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Washington Rural Palliative Care Initiative

A pilot effort to better serve patients with serious illness in rural communities. 

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Washington State Cardiovascular Connection

Helping health professionals and community-based partners reduce the impact of cardiovascular diseases in our communities.

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Washington State Community-based Workforce

A page for community-based workers to access resources and support.

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Washington State Health and Human Services Enterprise Coalition (HHS Coalition)

This is a multiorganization collaborative that provides strategic direction and federal funding guidance for information technology projects that have cross-organizational or enterprise impact.

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Washington State Opioid Settlements

Information on how the state will use opioid settlement funds to address the opioid public health emergency.