Join the Committee

Membership Commitment and Opportunities

The CHW Leadership Committee is currently seeking new members! See the information below regarding membership and the application. For additional information about the CHW Leadership Committee contact John Friedl.

Membership Criteria
  • Commitment to communities of color and historically marginalized groups
  • Understanding of the unique ability of community health workers and promotoras in addressing health disparities
  • Commitment to relationship and trust building
  • Commitment to processes that center equity, racial justice, and accountability
  • Interest in developing new structures and systems that strengthen the community health worker workforce
  • Ability to contribute to vision, goals, and strategy (short-term and long-term)
  • Willingness to work through conflict and communicate preferences about difficult decisions
Estimated Commitment
  • Attend and fully engage in monthly meetings (approximately 3 hours per month)
  • Complete pre-work and work between meetings (approximately 4 hours per month)
  • In partnership with DOH, engage with community stakeholders regarding key decision points (approximately 2 hours per month)
  • Engage with DOH staff outside of scheduled meetings as needed (up to 1 hour per month)
Committee Member Compensation

Committee members are offered compensation for their time and expertise

  • Compensation at $45 per hour
  • Compensation is currently provided through gift cards (2-4 weeks to receive) or check (2-3 months to receive)
  • DOH, in partnership with the CHW Leadership Committee, is exploring additional compensation options

Most meetings are held virtually. Participants will receive travel reimbursements for in-person meetings.

Find more information on the recruitment flyers below and please share the recruitment information in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF).

CHW Leadership Committee Recruitment (English)

CHW Leadership Committee - Recruitment Flyer-english

Comité Directivo de los CHW (Spanish)

CHW Leadership Committee Recruitment Flyer Spanish

Please click the link below to apply for the Community Health Worker Leadership Committee.

English: Community Health Worker Leadership Committee Application (

Spanish: Solicitud para el Comité Directivo de Trabajadores de la Salud Comunitaria