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Our mission is to increase human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates in Washington state and reduce the amount of HPV associated disease by engaging and supporting diverse partners and increasing knowledge about HPV and cancer prevention.


WA State HPV Task Force aims for all preteens to complete human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations to eliminate future HPV cancer incidence.


To attain a measurable reduction of HPV associated disease in Washington State by achieving 80% vaccination completion rate by age 13 by 2026.


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    HPV Dental Toolkit

    Oral Cancer Video

    Details: The Massachusetts Oral HPV Task Force developed the first HPV dental toolkit in 2016 to improve HPV knowledge for dentists. Since then, it’s used in dental outreach across Massachusetts and has been successfully adapted in seven states.

    A newly launched version of the toolkit is now available, and its design reflects feedback from users and provides the most up-to-date recommendations. It also includes internal training materials on how to recommend the HPV vaccine, as well as in-office communication materials. Click here to access the free, downloadable toolkit.

    HPV infection can lead to oral cancers. Oropharyngeal cancer in men is rising sharply in recent years. Oral healthcare providers are in a great position to explain the risks of HPV and oral cancer and empower their patients ages 9 to 26 to get the HPV vaccine.


    Additional Resources for Providers: