The CDO Quarterly

The CDO Quarterly shares information about participants in Community-Driven Outreach Initiative. Issues were published between May 2023 and May 2024. 

The winter 2024 issue spotlights program partners APartnership, Momentum Professional Strategy Partners, Comagine Health and Center for MultiCultural Health. 

In addition to partner spotlights and program updates, the CDO Quarterly is a place for DOH and CDO program partners to share community feedback with other program partners and leaders. 

The fall 2023 issue spotlights CDO contractors and subcontractors Vamos Outdoor Project, Comagine Health, Health Commons Project and Voice of South Pacific

Each CDO Quarterly highlights the great work being done by CDO program partners to reach their communities and advance health equity in Washington. The Quarterly also features helpful COVID-19 and CDO program updates and resources. 

The summer 2023 issue features projects conducted by Health Commons Project and Yakima Valley Community Foundation as well as other Washington State public health updates and relevant featured resources. 

The Quarterly is a way for DOH and CDO contractors to share program updates, stories, insights and community feedback with program participants and leaders as well as increase visibility of the program within DOH.