Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program

About the Program

The Washington State Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program (BCCHP) provides free breast and cervical cancer screening to eligible people in Washington State. Eligibility is based on health insurance status, income, and age. Please see our WA State Department of Health webpage for more eligibility information. We also support clinical partners with implementing evidence-based interventions to improve the screening rates for breast, cervical, and colon cancers.

Patient Services include:

  • Breast cancer screenings (for example, breast exams and mammograms).
  • Cervical cancer screenings (for example, Pap and HPV tests).
  • Follow-up tests as needed, based on screening results.
  • Help with navigating resources for treatment if required.

How is the program funded?


The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) administers the program. Grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state funds help fund the program services.

DOH contracts with six regional organizations throughout the state, known as Prime Contractors. These contractors provide the BCCHP program to communities within their local regions.

Funding update (October 2022): The funding for this much-needed program is rarely adequate to offer the services to match the demand. And now, we are experiencing more funding challenges. To continue providing these critical services, we are working to identify funding sources and serve communities throughout the state. Our goal is to support and update our contractors throughout the upcoming changes.

Rebranding information (October 2022): We have paused the program’s rebranding effort to create a new inclusive name and brand identity. Thank you to our partners who have been part of the process thus far. We hope to resume this effort in 2023.

BCCHP Service Map

BCCHP Program Service Map

Health Systems Improvement

Along with providing direct services through Prime Contractors, we work with contracted clinics. We assist clinics in quality improvement and implementing evidence-based interventions that support increased screening rates for breast/chest, cervical, and colon cancers. 

Program Impact


BCCHP Program Documents and Information

One-Page Program Flyer

We created this one-page flyer based on information in the program's tri-fold brochure. Clinics can easily print it on clinic/office printers or share it via email. You can also download this flyer in multiple languages.

English (PDF) | Español (PDF) | Русский (PDF) | Tiếng Việt (PDF) | 中文 (PDF) | Kajin Ṃajōḷ (PDF)


Program Contact

Contact us! If you have any questions about BCCHP in WA state, please reach out to Donna Oliver, Program Manager: