Awareness Campaigns

National Stroke Month and National High Blood Pressure Month

Each May is an ideal time to raise awareness about stroke and high blood pressure, and the connections between the two. Below are resources that to help with communications in May and all year.


Managing Chronic Conditions Beyond COVID

An April 2021 article in Modern Healthcare outlines how a wave of undermanaged chronic disease looms post-pandemic.

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and in partnership with CBS television, launched a nationally syndicated public service announcement series and a companion, bilingual website,, to help Americans manage chronic diseases safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. is available in both English and Spanish and provides tips and information for those with illnesses whose health could worsen during the pandemic, whether through lack of treatment, lack of access to treatment, or by becoming ill from COVID-19. The website, developed by Nicely Built and NACDD, in collaboration with the Black Creative Group and the Hispanic Communications Network, has the latest news and information about chronic disease and COVID-19.

Other resources to encourage people with heart disease and other chronic health conditions to maintain connections with their doctors are two articles published by the Washington State Department of Health. Healthy Habits in Extraordinary Times is available in English on the Public Health Connection blog, and in Spanish on the Bienestar blog. If you would like to republish this content, please email us at