The goal? Everyone working at the top of their game to find and treat patients before a cardiovascular event occurs, and ensure they get the best care. A team approach, with primary care providers supported by trained experts in care, can get you there.

Department of Health has resources and partners to help you assess and enhance your organization's use of team-based care. Please contact us.

Here are some tools and resources suggested by partners to use team-based care to improve cardiovascular health of your patients:

Revised 2020 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Change Package

CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention recently released of the second edition of the Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Change Package (HCCP), available at: This update was prompted by the release of updated clinical guidelines, development of new resources, and advances in quality improvement, and emphasizes Team-Based Care strategies.

Great 8 The Great 8 is a visual-based tool created to improve communications around cardiovascular health between health professionals and patients, especially patients with low health literacy and limited English proficiency. Healthcare team members can help patient set self-management goals, and stay connected to patients, by using this versatile tool. For more information visit our Great 8 page.


AMA Team-Based Care - Equip Direct Care Staff to Facilitate Patient Self-Management - Improve Patient Care and Team Engagement Through Collaboration and Streamlined Processes 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Promoting Team-Based Care to Improve High Blood Pressure Control 

The Community Guide: Team-Based Care to Improve Blood Pressure Control