Community Collaborative Structure

Collaborative Structure

Our Commitments

  • Build Authentic Relationships - we are committed to building relationships across sectors of government & community institutions that are focused on shared goals of achieving health equity.
  • Center Communities Most-Impacted - we believe that those who are closest to the issues are also closest to the solutions. The leadership of those, with lived experience, are most valuable in decision-making tables.
  • Focus on Solutions - we will address community-identified needs and implement recommendations to ensure equitable access to health resources and support policies that uplift health equity.
  • Lead with Transparency - we will ensure that community engagement is not an after-thought but a lived practice based on accountability and ensuring community is brought in in all parts of decision-making process.


Our Thought Partners

The Community Collaborative is guided by the direction of our Thought Partners. Thought Partners are community stakeholders who take a more formal, active, and represented role within the Community Collaborative to ensure it is community co-led, centers the communities and sectors that have been most disproportionately impacted by health inequities, and advances pandemic recovery efforts well beyond the Covid 19 pandemic.


Community Collaborative Session

This is a space where Collaborative members can connect with DOH to receive real time updates and share questions and concerns directly. They can also provide feedback on planning, outreach, and access efforts through virtual meetings and email/phone call follow up. We are also committed to creating space where Collaborative members can strengthen partnerships, share best practices and resources, facilitate networking, and build community with one another monthly.


Community Collaborative Workgroups

  • Disability & Access Functional Needs (AFN) Partner - Intended to center and prioritize people with disabilities and intersecting marginalized identities who experience compounded oppression, such as BIPOC, queer, and/or unhoused persons with a disability. Communities can share concerns and needs, leverage efforts and resources, and collaborate on community-informed strategies.


  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Health Equity Partner - Intended to center and prioritize Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander communities experiencing vast health disparities due to data invisibility. Communities can share concerns and needs, leverage efforts and resources, and collaborate on community-informed strategies that are culturally rooted in Indigenous belief systems and practices.


  • Carceral Health Equity Partner - Intended to center and prioritize individuals and their families and communities who are and have been harmed by the carceral system, and pre-incarceration exposure to adverse structural determinants of health.

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