DOH issues new guidance on expired COVID-19 tests

DOH and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) share a common stance regarding the use of expired COVID-19 test kits. It's important to note that the printed expiration dates on these test kits may not necessarily reflect their actual shelf life, as the FDA has granted multiple extensions for the shelf life of various rapid antigen kits, including at-home and point-of-care options, through the Emergency Use Authorization process.

What to do with expired test kits? 

Consumers are strongly encouraged to confirm the status of their test kits by visiting the FDA's website. If the kits are discovered to have exceeded their actual expiration date, both the FDA and DOH do not recommend using them. It’s crucial not to use kits beyond their extended expiration date, and you should take proactive measures to verify your kit's status through the FDA website to ensure the safety and accuracy of your COVID-19 testing.

Local health jurisdictions, tribal health partners, or Washington K-12 schools that need new test kits, can email for details.  

U.S. households can also order four free COVID-19 rapid tests delivered to their home through the United States Postal Service

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