Frequently Asked Questions

The following responses have been updated as of 9/16/2022.

Which agency is leading the allocation and distribution of settlement funds to address the opioid epidemic?

The Health Care Authority is steward of the State Opioid and Overdose Response Plan (SOORP), with support from other state agencies. Because of this, the Health Care Authority was named the lead agency for processes related to use and distribution of the funds. State Opioid Response Coordinator Kris Shera is the point of contact.

How will decisions be made to use the funds in Washington?

The legislature will approve final use of the funds. 

The SOORP workgroups (made up of subject matter experts and stakeholders from tribal and local communities) will provide recommendations to the SOORP executive sponsors (key state agencies and academia). The executive sponsors will review the recommendations from the workgroups and develop funding recommendations that will be provided to the Office of the Governor. The Governor’s budget will include a set of recommendations for use of the funds for consideration and approval by the Legislature.

A strategy will be put into place that allows for sustained community engagement in subsequent years of the settlements.  

How many settlements are there?

The settlements that we currently know about are the following:

1. Distributors

2. Purdue Bankruptcy Agreement

3. Mallinckrodt

There may be additional settlements. Settlements can be tracked here.*

*This tracking webpage is independently run and is not affiliated with any state agency. Any information here is the opinion of Christine Minhee.

Which settlements are final, and which are in process?

The distributors settlement is the only settlement where payments are expected to begin in late 2022. All other settlements have unknown time frames for resolution.

How much are each of the settlements?

The distributors settlement total is $518 million dollars, which will be distributed over time. These funds are split between the state, local & regional entities, and some attorney’s fees. Amounts for all other settlements are not final.

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