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Projects and Products

The IE&E Modernization Program aims to improve statewide access to health and human services through technology modernization, policy updates for better customer support, and the implementation of functions and features to assist clients and their authorized representatives.

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Automated Client Eligibility System Mainframe as a Service Migration

To secure mainframe technical services, prolong useful life of mainframe environment and transition to Mainframe as a Service.

Automated Client Eligibility System Maintenance & Operations Transition

To procure the services required to maintain, operate, and provide enhancements to the ACES application.

Customer Experience and Innovation

Simplifying eligibility and enrollment policies and processes, designing with the voice of the client.

HHS Portal

Establish a centralized portal that supports the IE&E Modernization goal.

Master Person Index

Identified matching solution, implementing a single identifier across connected systems. Facilitates effective case management, care coordination, enhances delivery and client experience.

Opportunities for Enhanced Service Delivery

Set of multiple initiatives all designed to improve the services to our clients through technology solutions removing barriers and reducing time for clients to apply and receive benefits.


To establish a new modern cloud-based platform for IE&E solution components.

Product 1

To establish an eligibility and enrollment status tracker that provides Washingtonians with a self-service, single point of access to understand their application status across multiple HHS Coalition programs.

Technical Architecture and Design

To analyze the IE&E modularity assumption and to design the future state architecture that will be used to inform and update the IE&E Roadmap.