Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Toolkit

Resource summary

Integrating ePROs into Care Delivery

A new toolkit funded by AHRQ’s Digital Healthcare Research Program is available to help healthcare systems integrate electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) into care delivery. The ePROs in Clinical Care toolkit provides evidence-based guidelines and strategies for the use of PROs that are collected electronically, rather than through traditional pen-and-paper methods. The toolkit is organized around three core topic areas where changes may be needed across the health systems: governance, integration and reporting. The resource is intended to support the growing use of ePROs in clinical care.

Who Should Use This Guide

The target audience for this toolkit is health system stakeholders who are considering initiating or expanding ePROs for care delivery across the health system. This may include administrators, governance committee members, clinicians and other care team members, information technology (IT) and informatics professionals, patient advocates, and software designers and developers.

Print edition of the ePRO Toolkit

Download a printable file. The print edition is complementary to the online version. The web version contains additional resources and interactive components that may not be found in the print edition.

Care Managers
Primary Care Provider (Physician, ARNP, or PA)
Psychologist/Mental Health/Psychiatrists
Quality Improvement Managers
Publication date
Sponsoring organization
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)