Person-Centered Customer Service Workshop

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Person-centered customer service focuses on enhancing individuals’ health care experience and harnessing our own empathy, compassion and professionalism to reflect back to those we serve. It requires introspection and honest assessment of our organization and culture to improve how we serve by seeing through other individuals’ eyes and walking in their shoes. Customer service is a commitment to help and treat others as we would like to be treated along the continuum of the health care experience at our organization. This commitment to provide exemplary customer service includes the promise to treat all equally well regardless of our own personal challenges and biases or nature of the situation.

The instructions below provide the necessary guidance to execute a workshop that is tailored to the organization and that builds on the work of attendees to renew their commitment to person-centered customer service and captures the key elements of customer service from within the hearts and minds of attendees. A primary goal of this workshop is to draft a person-centered service charter by using the work of leaders and the attendees.

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