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Lack of health insurance and costly health care are barriers that currently prevent many women from receiving even basic preventative services. In the United States over 17 million women are uninsured, and this number is growing. Since 2004, the number of uninsured women has risen by 1.2 million, and most of this increase has been among low-income women. In the United States, Free Clinics (over 800 as of 2007) play an important role in providing primary care to the uninsured. Integrating comprehensive reproductive health care into these
A worksheet that allows an Implementation Leader to map out current team structure and activities and to identify gaps, duplication, and opportunities for streamlining and/or more collaboration. Part of our Team Building and Workflow Guide. Identify and Engage Patients Initiate and Provide Treatment Track Treatment Outcomes Proactively Adjust Treatment
This guide offers practical suggestions to help you manage your asthma.  It contains information about the most effective asthma medications and describes how to take them.  It provides a list of possible asthma triggers and recommends ways to reduce your exposure to those that affect you.  It also includes information about common warning signs of an asthma attack and explains how to act quickly to keep your asthma symptoms from getting worse.  
An overview of Birth Control options for patients and providers.